Working CSS3 Boxee Remote App For Web

November 28th, 2012
Boxee CSS3 HTML Remote

Working Boxee Box Remote Built in CSS3

Over the weekend, I lost my Boxee Box remote.

First world problems… I know.

So what does a hacker do with a first world problem? Codes a solution!

The remote is built entirely in CSS with no images.


The buttons all work on the remote as expected. Including mouse wheel scrolls, and keyboard input anywhere on the page will also be sent to your Boxee through its’ API interface as well.

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Ubuntu IKEA Hacker Wall Media Server

July 30th, 2011

A utter tragic event stuck the Hawkins’s casa. My media server of 4 years had a fatal HD failure. While on any other machine this wouldn’t be an issue consider my numerous raid and backup strategies. This particular server was a LVM raid 0 to maximize useable space. So I set out to rebuild my Shuttle Glamor G2 Media Server into something more exciting, and presentable.

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Ubuntu Headless VNC VESA 800×600 Fix

June 12th, 2011
Ubuntu Headless VNC 800x600 Resolution FIx

Ubuntu Headless x11vnc VESA 800×600 Resolution Issue Fix I recently built a sweet rig, that is mounted in a IKEA frame and displayed on the wall to replace my old ubuntu Shuttle media center. Utilizing Wireless HDMI, having the box physically near the TV is pointless. Not to mention that every room of my house […]

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April 29th, 2011 Python API Wrapper Python API Wrapper This is the release page of the first python API wrapper for OptionsHouse. Featuring all the commands mapped, asynchronous execution utilizing multi-processing, chain-able requests, callback execution, with error handling. Debian Dependencies: python2.6 or greater python-simplejson Notices: Options House does require you to signup and be approved for API access as well […]

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Bash: Check up, Run a process if not running (Updated)

April 25th, 2011

(Updated) Bash script to check if a process is running or not. If the process is not currently running/executing, it will launch the process. Useful as a tool to run checkups from a schedule task (cron daemon) to verify that a process is running, if not start it again. Personally I’ve found alot of ways […]

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